shuffle all downloaded songs/make massive playlist

shuffle all downloaded songs/make massive playlist

I can see the ability to shuffle all downloaded songs has gone.

Its is not easy to change playlists while driving. Seems the best solution is to make an "all downloads" playlist and chuck loads of playlists into it.


how do I select all songs in a playlist to pull into a new one?

Either on the android app or on the web?

Failing that which apps will shuffle all your spotify downloads? I found one but it only shuffles 90 mins of music at a time


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On PC I created a folder in my playlist and made a play list for every letter of the alphabet A-Z and #
I spent DAYS creating these playlists in my newly created playlist folder because I could FINALLY shuffle my entire Library in this manner on the PC.

I jumped in my car and there is no way to shuffle the playlist folder on iOS. What a waste of time. Please just let me shuffle my library.

Spotify is the worst peice of **bleep** i ever seen.

is there a similar service that works better?

Apple music works 100% better for library management

Apple music unfortunately works terrible for discovering new music and

Doesn't seem to be one that works the way it should completely.

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