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spotify deleting songs from my playlist (almost all!!)

spotify deleting songs from my playlist (almost all!!)

i have a playlist and about 2 weeks ago it deleted ALL THE SONGS from it except for 1 and i was so confused. but after i refreshed it for a while it came back. but now today it did the SAME THING!!!!!!!!! AND I CANT GET IT BACK!!!!! THIS IS SO FUCJING ANNOYING. i went on my laptop to spotify web browser, and my entire playlist is there. but it’s not on my phone. my phone says i only have one song in the playlist. 


***ALSO i’ve already tried connecting web player to my phone and it won’t work

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Hi there @behehehe27,

thanks for reaching out about this !


If you're experiencing odd behavior on your account, i would suggest following the steps provided on this help pages :

- Someone gained access to my account

- Protect your account


Give a bit time to adjust and check your account every once and then to see if the issue persists.


Keep us posted 🙂

thank you:) nothing worked and it was really weird that the songs would show on my spotify web player (on my laptop) but not on my phone. i waited out a couple days but nothing happened so i just added all the songs to my playlist again on my phone manually while looking at my laptop.

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