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Help: Can't Play Specific Files
Music Lover
‎2012-04-12 04:04 PM

So about a month or so ago, my Spotify player crashed and would not open when I tried to restart the program.  Eventually I had to uninstall and reinstall, lost all my playlists and my link to Facebook, but I was able to fix this over time.  Since this happened though, Spotify will not let me play files by a few artists.  Just a background on these artists and files, I had previously downloaded them on my iTunes account before joining Spotify and before the Spotify player crashed, they worked fine.  Since then, it's only the files by these 2 specific artists, the Futurebirds and Reptar, which I can no longer play in Spotify.  I can neither play the local files that I own as iTunes files through Spotify, nor can I play them by streaming through Spotify's library.  Furthermore, when I try to play the files, Spotify thinks that they are working, as the album art loads with the appropriate song and artist info in the bottom left corner, only the song time information that scrolls along the bottom does not load for these songs when I try to play them and nothing happens.  Does anyone know anyway to fix this?  Thanks