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Spotify app won't connect to 3G network on Samsung GSII ICS
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‎2012-04-03 07:13 AM

So yes, two days ago a strange problem started to occur. I tried to listen to music on my phone but the Spotify App just stayed in offline (the offline mode setting wasn't checked). I tried this numerous times untill I got fed up and uninstalled and reinstalled the app. Prior to this Spotify worked just fine for almost 3 months on my phone. I tried logging in but nothing happens, the login animation runs for awhile then gives me an error 117, which has something to do with connectivity.


My 3G network works just normal but for some reason Spotify app doesnt seem to be able to connect, tried WiFi network at school and it did work there, so the problem is the 3G network somehow. Anyone have any solutions for this annoying problem?


Cheers, J