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Inbox and messages


Re: Inbox and messages

‎2017-03-08 08:50 PM
…just a heavy user.

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Re: Inbox and messages

‎2017-03-08 09:00 PM
Bring this option back, please!
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Re: Inbox and messages

Casual Listener
‎2017-03-08 09:10 PM

what in the actual fuhk. i and over 15 friends use spotify everyday and are constantly messaging eachother new music via the app because it is simple and a mega cool feature. one of the main reasons i used spotify... smh.

Re: Inbox and messages

‎2017-03-08 09:20 PM

deprecating; deprecating: adjective (NOT VALUING)

showing that you think something is of little value or importance:

Re: Inbox and messages

‎2017-03-08 09:36 PM
You realize this is what separates you from other music services right? Ease of use and sharing. There is no difference between you, soundcloud, the hype machine and apple music. THIS is why I use Spotify. Sharing on social media isn't the same. Not everyone uses twitter, facebook or tumblr the same way. BUT, we ALL use Spotify the same way. 

You HAVE to bring this feature back. Otherwise, what's the point? Sharing via text, only to open a link, then make three more clicks before I can open the song? No inbox = bad user experience. 

People are going to leave the service. Please bring this feature back. 

Thank you, 
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Re: Inbox and messages

‎2017-03-08 09:40 PM

This is a mean decision. Now ending my family subscription and moving to Apple Music. Messaging was a great feature and the only thing keeping me here. :-(

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My favorite feature

‎2017-03-08 09:43 PM

I too will undoubtedbly be looking for a new service if this doesn't get reinstated. I love sharing songs with friends on spotify and do it on a weekely basis.

Fix it, don't trash it.

Re: My favorite feature

Top Star
‎2017-03-08 11:01 PM

Hello again, guys!


Here's another reminder to make sure to vote for and post comments on this idea which suggests the re-development of the Ideas/Messaging feature:

Have a nice day :D

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Re: Inbox and messages

‎2017-03-08 11:50 PM

Unfortunately I have the same response as most of the users here.  This feature was my main mode for sharing when it came to Spotify.  All be it most of us are at this post because we noticed the feature had gone missing, so we googled it and landed here.  Sharing through Spotify was my real and intimate sharing mode with my true music friends.  I use YouTube to share on my social accounts becuase I know everyone has access to it.  I'm still a BIG fan of spotify even though I'm sad to see this feature go.

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Re: Inbox and messages

Casual Listener
‎2017-03-08 11:56 PM

Hey all,


Just wanted to let everyone know that I reached out to support and they actually generated a playlist containing every song I've ever received. This doesn't include messages but it's definitely better than nothing.


Submit a help request through spotify and hopefully they can help out everyone else. Maybe if they get enough requests, they'll start to see the pattern since they don't seem to be reading/responding to this thread.


Below is the message I received


"Thanks for your patience, we apologize for the delay in our reply to you.

We appreciate your feedback and can totally understand your frustration about losing this content.

To help make up for it, we’ve asked the team to create a playlist just for you with all the tracks you’ve ever received to your Spotify inbox. Please note, this won’t include any accompanying messages, or any playlists or albums you received.  

Hope that sounds good! You should find it in Your Music > Playlists within the next few days.

Let us know if there is anything else we can do for you."