Linux Spotify client 1.x now in stable


Re: Linux Spotify client 1.x now in stable

Concert Regular
‎2017-03-01 01:23 PM

In KDE/Plasma 5.8 the desktop integration is working correctly for me.


I really wonder why can't you speed up the addition of the "minimize to tray" feature. This has been standardized across Linux desktops. It is incredibly inconvenient, having to remember NOT to close Spotify unless you want to stop the playback.

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Re: Linux Spotify client 1.x now in stable

Festival VIP
‎2017-03-01 01:41 PM

In August last year I asked you whether you had looked at Flatpak for packaging.

Since then Flatpak has moved forward nicely, and there is a Spotify client featured on the Flatpak webpage:

It is now also possible to install by simply clicking the link on that web page, which is neat.


The client mentioned above is packaged by a Flatpak developer, and is not in a Flatpak repository, so you don't get automatic updates on new releases.

I think everyone would be very happy if Spotify could release the client as a Flatpak with a proper repository that would allow updating the client from the desktop.

Re: Linux Spotify client 1.x now in stable

3 weeks ago

I think the flatpak is the best cross-platform solution at this moment.


Can I ask you to redesign Linux version Spotify scrollbars that are fat and ugly?