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Desktop App - login via facebook does not work. No error message.


Desktop App - login via facebook does not work. No error message.

‎2017-03-01 12:47 PM



I have upgraded to premium, but so far had been using it only on mobile. Today I started the desktop app for first time after a few months. First it had updated and I had to restart the app. After restart, almost every song stopped playing after 7 seconds and Spotify app displayed "cannot play this song right now" or something similiar.

So I logged out, closed app, opened again and clicked login via facebook. Since that moment, I am not able to login at all. Every time I click "Log in with facebook" button, A new browser window/tab opens with the following link:

It is almost immediately redirected to the following link:

And if I'm quick enough, I see a text saying logging in to Spotify... however, the whole browser window/tab is auto-closed and nothing happens. I get no error message, no explanation, just staring at Spotify App which is waiting for me to login....

This can be repeated unlimited number of times with the same result.