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Multiple SpotifyHelper.exe Processes

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Re: Multiple SpotifyHelper.exe Processes

‎2013-10-10 01:04 PM

If you're OK with disabling "what's new" and "following", you can REM the SpotifyHelper.exe file.  It prevents it from loading and Spotify still works as normal.  It loads pretty fast too.  Just a thought.

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Re: Multiple SpotifyHelper.exe Processes

‎2013-10-10 01:14 PM
cosmopolitasur wrote:

This conversation ceased of being interesting long ago.

The moment your fingers hit your keyboard.


You've stated twice that idle processes do not consume any CPU

They don't.  Make that 3.


process management itself (scheduling and dispatching) consumes CPU and other resources.

I agreed with you.  I've only stated that the process in question ITSELF doesn't consume CPU, which it doesn't.  You just like to argue.


The greater the quantity of idle process, the greater of CPU consumed in useless operations because scheduler MUST reevaluate each process in the assigned quantum regardless of its previous state. If these processes really do nothing just should not be created.

I also agreed with this.  Regardless, an idle process does not consume CPU.  The scheduling process controlling the idle process does.  And that amount is minimal if you spread it equally over all open processes. 


The point that was being made when you attempted to hijack this thread was about the multiple spotifyhelper.exe processes.  The fact of the matter is that there is a spotifyhelper.exe process open for each activity running.  That's how CEF3 works.  Some are resource intensive and some are not.  The original poster's picturre clearly showed that no CPU was being consumed by the processes in question.  By erroneously stating otherwise you are not only confusing people looking for legitimate info, but making yourself look stupid in the process.


By the way, for me, this conversation is over.

Promises, promises.  I hope someone actually took the time to fact check what you've been saying rather than take you at your word.  I hope you're not an IT professional.  If you are, don't ever step near any of my networks.  Ever.

Re: Multiple SpotifyHelper.exe Processes

Community Manager
Community Manager
‎2013-10-10 01:28 PM

The original report and the helpful info from this thread have been sent to our devs. If something needs to or gets fixed you'll likely notice it in the next release, or it might even be posted in the release notes.


I'm going to close this topic now, as its downward-spiral potential is reaching critical mass ;)


Thank you all for your feedback!

What I'm listening to:

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Multiple SpotifyHelper.exe Processes

‎2013-10-22 11:05 PM


I saw a thread that showed a fix to this issue but I could not find the actual solution, if there was one. Some of the questions the person had got answered but this still to me is an issue. As you can see in the image above I am at 46% of my memory usage and I only have 4 programs running, AutoCAD 2 instances, Spotify, and Firefox. The 2 instances of AutoCAD actually is using the same amount of memory that the single instance of Spotify is using. This is unbelievable to me, we are talking about a streaming media player, and it's not even playing video.... just music. Why is there such a need for memory, and why so many processes? Is it possible to reduce this?

Re: Multiple SpotifyHelper.exe Processes

Community Legend
‎2013-10-23 12:20 AM

@Sideshow I moved your post to the relevant thread. Have a read through the discussion and you'll find an explanation and possible fixes if it really bothers you and you don't let windows use a swap file.

Why is it using so many proccesses

‎2013-10-27 05:21 PM



So, why is Spotify using 5 instances of "SpotifyHelper.exe", 1 instance of "SpotifyWebHelper.exe" as well as the main program?

It makes my task manager cluttered and it's using more RAM than necessary? Is this a bug or is this something that happens to everyone?





Re: Why is it using so many proccesses

Community Legend
‎2013-10-27 05:31 PM

@ZCFC I moved Have moved your post to the relevant thread. Have a read.