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You seem to be very knowledgable.  Wondering if I can seek your help.  I to have a DENON 5.2 receiver  (AVR-X540BT) and would like to buy a wireless microphone so I can set up home karaoke.


Is there a spotify 3rd party app bthat you are aware of that performs the mixing and  can send the 'blended sound' via bluetooth to the Denon receiver? 

There are not many, if any, third party apps for Spotify. I don't think
Denon receivers are designed to mix music and a mic unless they have a built
in feature for karaoke. My brother had to buy a karaoke system to do it

Hi, I have the same issue, iphone works, Android no go. Which local device settings do you mean?

@Kanel wrote:

For me too only my work iPhone can find the Denon AVR. My new Samsung S9 is a no go. Very frustrating.


Edit: Ok, removing the local devices settings fixed the issue.


In Settings under the Devices topic: "Show local devices only". 

Makes no difference for me 🙁

thanks! solved my problem as well. X2100

DHCP off and its shown in available devices

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