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VIZIO's Built in Chromecast Issues

When I cast my music to my new VIZIO smartcast TV with built in Chromecast, my playlist stops after each song. I have to hit next on my phone or laptop every time. What is happening here? Is there a compatability issue?  

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Mine too. Nothing I change makes a difference. After every song, it stops and I have to manually click next for another song. Anyone know how to fix this??

Yes.  Unplug your tv from the wall, wait a bit, then plug back in.


Happens to mine too.  Some sort of memory leak in the built in Chromecast.  

Tried that, didn't change anything

Still no responses on this? I Just got a TV with this and the first time I used it, it worked fine but now every time it only plays one song. 

Have you tried contacting Vizio?  I think the fix would have to come from them.

I am having the same issue. Just bought the TV last night. Hoping for a fix for this soon. It's quite frustrating.

Same problem here! Got a Vizio M-series 50" and when I ask my Google assistant to play Spotify on my living room display it will load Spotify on my Vizio just fine, play one song and then stop. Super annoying since it's the second reason why I bought this TV.

I have been in contact with vizio and Spotify over the past week. 


Randomly on on Friday night it worked fine, but there was an issue where it was recognizing the Chromecast as two different devices. 


Both Spotify and Vizio have basically told me it is not their problem and to contact the other, Vizio much more rudely than Spotify. 


I’m left with the only option remaining to contact Google / Chromecast. So I have done so and am awaiting a reply. 


This is is extremely frustrating to have a one of the major selling points on a device / app not work. 

I feel it was randomly working for me a few days ago, too. I was pleasantly surprised and this morning I hoped it was going to work again but sadly no.


I wonder if this issue is present with a regular Chromecast device (not Vizio's Chromecast built-in).

The issue isn’t present with normal chrome cast. We have one and use it on
the Vizio tv and it works fine. It’s the built in one that will stop after
each song.

It isn’t, I have another Chromecast on a separate TV that works fine as well as google home mini that also plays continuously. I’ve also tried it on Apple TVs and it works fine. It is specifically Vizios Chromecast. 


Vizio is saying it isn’t there problem since “all other apps are steaming correctly” 

I wonder if it is an issue with Chromecast. I would guess it is a
gooe/Spotify issue not a vizio problem.

I have reached out to google too. 

I’ll follow up once I hear back. 



I have been in contact with Chromecast and they have informed me that the firmware on the TV is behind. 
This is unacceptable as the TV is marketed as Chromecast built-in but doesn’t update the firmware automatically. 
I am hoping updating the firmware will resolve the issue. 
The firmware currently on the TV is: 1.22.78594
Whereas the current firmware on other devices that are automatically updated is anywhere from: 1.27.96538 - 1.28.10555
Vizio is being of no help as they said, if I check for updates on the TV and it says it's up to date, there is nothing they can do. 

Thanks Ajmckeon for getting back to us with this valuable information!


I can see at the bottom left of the screen on the main menu (where you can see the list of apps) the following string "1.1.171220.8406 | 18.2" but this doesn't seem to match the version format you are referring to.


How can I tell which version of the Chromecast firmware is installed on my Vizio SmartCast TV?

If you go to menu, system, system info and then there should be a line item that says Cast firmware. 

Oh I see, the "menu" button on the remote control. Thanks!


I have "Cast Version: 1.22.78594" too...


I guess this is the risk with built-in Chromcast controlled by 3rd parties like Vizio (i.e. not Google) is that they have to get their engineers to upgrade the Chromecast version after Google releases a new one. Maybe the best fix right now is to simply get a $35 Chromecast from Google? It's disapointing but this one will always be up-to-date.

Similar issue here.  The songs will play in sequence but I can't skip or go back using the phone.  I have a Vizio E60-E3.  iOS 11.2.5.  Seemed to be working fine late 2017.  When selecting Spotify from the Vizio SmartCast app it says "Couldn't Open Link" - Spotify can't open this type of link on this device.


It's a real bummer ... man ...

SPOTIFY - you need to fix this issue with vizio asap. i am a very **bleep** off customer as i pay for this monthly and it should have been fixed months ago. what is going on?

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