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Same problem on my S7, and still stuck on the old version that works fine.

I guess that I will pay for Google Music.

I am annoying about that.

Have the same annoying problem, which already causes huge Internet roaming bill.
Which is the last working version with encrypted SD card?

Maybe it won't be needed anymore when Spotify team fix this issue finally. First reaction from you @Spotify guys is on July.
I think also most of the S7 users are your valuable customers.

Any updates?


My encrypted 200gb MicroSD in my S7 Edge still has unexplained loss of offline music and switching back to the internal storage.

Agreed - given this issue is affecting premium subscribers on an S7 Edge; clearly we are also the market of people who are willing to pay...

Nothing yet!

Tested today and I lost my offline musics.

Spotify version


I payed Google Music and It is not happened with one.

I like so much Spotify but it is terrible you don't have any support about that.

Today I'm cancelling my spotify premium account and using google music.

I seem to be having the exact same problem, started two updates ago on my Verizon Galaxy S7. Noticed none of my downloaded music was showing downloaded. I'd seen this before after an app update so I toggled download and I noticed it was actually downloading, not recognizing what was on my SD card. I then went to settings and there was no option for choosing storage. I re-installed the app, rebooted my phone, manually gave the app permission for storage in Android prior to using it the first time. After several attempts, only 1 in 4 attempts was I able to get the option to choose storage. I chose SD, got a message that it was going to move files, then the app went wonky and I got a notification saying that external storage wasn't available (may not be the exact verbage). I worked with a spotify tech and got the same response, reformat the SD card. I tried that...twice...only after I saw my camera wasn't able to access the card either. Now my camera works but Spotify still doesn't see the card. I don't know if maybe Android 7 automatically encrypts my SD card? If it's not encrypted automatically then I never encrypted it manually, in which case I have the same problem without encryption.

Have just loaded Spotify v8,4.5.1092 on Samsung S8+ Andr oid v 7.0 kernel 4.4.16.

Using SD card for offline storage of songs. Everything works.


I want to encrypt the SD card.


How much trouble will this cause Spotify?


Kind Regards


Mike S

Hi @mtuck318. I haven't seen any reports of this problem with the S8/S8+ but there's no reason to believe it will behave any better. If you have problems, follow the advice given by spotify in this bug thread and keep your fingers crossed.

You may format the card as private in adb. But with Samsung android v7 you can't enable adoptable by export.

Unfortunately this has to be done before upgrading to android 7 which is impossible on galaxy s8

Since the old bug report was closed, I opened a new one at It could be helpful when you also comment / interact with this bug if you're affected.

January 18 and exact same problem!


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