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25 seconds lag before u can advance to next song

25 seconds lag before u can advance to next song

Following the latest pushed Spotify update it takes more than 25 seconds before you are able to advance to next/previous song. It used to be instantly swapping the screening to right or left. iPHONE iOS 7.1

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Welcome to the community? Is this happening on wifi as well as cellular?

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I have been having the same problem ever since the new design was released. I really like the design, but the thing freezes every time I try to pause or play or change songs or anything. I have an iPhone 5 with iOS 7.1 and it happens on LTE and WiFi. I'm done paying $10 a month for this. I'm going back to Pandora.

Yes, I'm having the same issue on iphone 4S and ios 7.1.  Re-installing seems to fix it briefly before the problem comes back again.

Hopefully the next release which should address a lot of the performance issues will be out soon!

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