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Acidental block

Acidental block

This is driving me nuts, i accidentaly blocked an artist id never heard in discovery, i liked the song and clicked block accidentaly. Its insane to me that its impossible to view a list of blocked content to review it. I dont know who the artist was so i cant simply go to their page and unblock them. Surely there is a list somewhere. I am so frustrated by this. It seems like common sense, that in order for a block function to be used properly, a list be kept, and an ability to edit that list. 

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Hey @Ploxor69 and welcome to the Community.

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I've submitted an idea about this. 

Add your +VOTE and input there.

Thanks 🙂

Had this happen too! Except I was in my car and "car mode" kicked on and instead of changing songs, I blocked like four in a row. I have no clue what they were, but it was a radio station I like so I definitely do not want them blocked. It is mind boggling that Spotify can't rectify this awful feature and help people recover these blocked songs. Surely it's got to mess up one's algorithm?! So aggravating!

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