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i added loads of songs last night to what I assumed was songs by pressing the + button. However when I went into songs there was only an approx 7 songs of the 50 I had added. Just wondering where these went as I don’t have a favourites of starred playlist option in my music. Thank you 


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Hey @20Rt.


Thanks for getting in touch!


When you click the + button, the song should be added to Your Library. If you are sure you saved some songs, but they are now missing, it could be that you are logging into the wrong account. You can use these instructions to find any additional accounts you might have.


If you can't find the songs, we'd like to find out if something is wrong with your account. Could you try to add a few random songs and see if they stay this time?


Let us know what the result is. Looking forward to your reply.


Have a nice day.

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