Adding Local Files to Spotify


Adding Local Files to Spotify


Is this feature not available anymore???
I've been using Spotify since 2011 and this was the feature that made me stay with them and not Rdio or any other music service that was coming out at the time. Fast forward to 2015 and it seems that this feature is either not working or it was completely taken out. I used to be able to choose which playlists would go on my iPhone because I would see my iPhone under "devices" in Spotify when both apps were open and under the same WiFi Network. I recently changed my Local Files folder and my iPhone didn't update.. Instead, what I ended up doing was deleting 223 songs manually...ONE BY ONE.... because Spotify doesn't have a "Delete All" feature :( i'm very sad with Spotify right now as it seems they are improving their facade but a lot of features that made this program great are being neglected. Can you please fix this issue???


I'm using iOS 9 with iphone 6