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Adding Mulitple Songs From Library to a Playlist

Adding Mulitple Songs From Library to a Playlist





iPhone 8


iOS 12


After downloading songs for offline listening, is there a way to add multiple songs to a playlist at once?


I recently switched from Apple Music to Spotify and find it very difficult to quickly create a playlist since I now have to add each song individually. Is there any solution or chance of this changing in the near future? 


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Hey there @User1996!


This option is available on the desktop app.

If you wish to do so just select mulitple songs using the Ctrl key, right click and select "Add the Playlist".


Hope this helps 😃

That is very inconvenient if I need to access a computer that has the desktop app to quickly create a playlist. If I am at a party, heading to the gym, or in the car with friends, just for examples, I'd like to be able to quickly throw together a playlist from the songs I have already added to my phone. 


This would be especially inconvenient should I run out of data, have no service, or not have access to wifi. 



Hey there @User1996!


You can implement you idea in the "Ideas" section of the community and let all users see it and vote.


Have a great one=)

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