Adding one song to the Library adds the whole album !


Adding one song to the Library adds the whole album !






iPhone 6s

Operating System

iOS 11


Since a recent update, adding a song from an album automatically saves the entire album. This makes navigating in the Library a nightmare. There is no distinction between track saved and other tracks.


For example, if I save one or two songs from a 30 songs compilation, all 30 songs will appear indistinctly in the Album page in my Library. This is terrible and I don’t see how this can be an improvment. We used to have the choice between saving a whole album or saving songs one by one. This doesn’t make the app simpler, just less user friendly and for people like me having a huge library, it is really a huge inconvenience. I hope things will go back to normal soon.


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Same for me! Had over 6,500 songs to transfer and when it finished there were almost 10,000 songs and that's because whole albums were being added to my Spotify "library" (if you can even call it that, more like just a playlist of all my songs which is annoying in and of itself, that's for another thread...).