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Adding one song to the Library adds the whole album !

Adding one song to the Library adds the whole album !





iPhone 6s

Operating System

iOS 11


Since a recent update, adding a song from an album automatically saves the entire album. This makes navigating in the Library a nightmare. There is no distinction between track saved and other tracks.


For example, if I save one or two songs from a 30 songs compilation, all 30 songs will appear indistinctly in the Album page in my Library. This is terrible and I don’t see how this can be an improvment. We used to have the choice between saving a whole album or saving songs one by one. This doesn’t make the app simpler, just less user friendly and for people like me having a huge library, it is really a huge inconvenience. I hope things will go back to normal soon.


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Thanks for reaching out to the Community!


Even with the recent update, you are still able to add just one song from an album to your Library on both your computer and the mobile app.  If you click the heart in the top right corner of the album page, or click the three dots in the top right corner and then "Add to playlist," the entire album will be saved to your Library or added to your playlist.  Instead, make sure to click the three dots directly to the right of the name of the song that you would like to save.  From there, you can either save the song to your Library or add it to a playlist.


I hope this helps!

Sorry but it’s not working. Clicking the heart for a song (by going in the three dots menu at the right of the name of the song) saves the whole album to the Library... To be precise, the songs are not all individually added, but this doesn’t change the result since all the songs of the album appears indistinctly wheather you added them or not. The problem is that you can’t find the song you’ve added since they are in the middle of all the other songs of an album (which is a nightmare with a complilation with a large number of songs for example). 

This doesn't work. I'm here for the exact same reason. I press the heart on one song and the whole album appears in my library - I unlike the album in the library and it gets removed along with the song I do like. Annoying and frustrating. 

I’m experiencing the same issue. Liking one song from an album, adds the entire album to the library. This has completely ruined my Spotify experience that I have been enjoying for years..

Hey @EvDaGreat@dridri1 and @5m97z8-dg_s0c,


Thanks for posting about this here 🙂


Could you let us know if this is still an issue for you?


If so, make sure to provide us with the following info:

  • exact Spotify version
  • OS version and device

Once we have that, we'll look into it.


Thanks! We'll be looking out for your replies 😉

Hello Peter,


This is still an issue. 


Spotify version :

iPhone 6s, iOS 11.3



Hey @dridri1.


Thanks for getting back to us with that info.


We tried reproducing this on our end on a device with the same specs, but everything seems to be working normally.


In order to narrow down the issue, could you let us know if this is happening with a specific album or kind of album (e.g. albums vs EPs/singles)? If you could provide us with a screen recording, that would be really helpful to help us understand the issue.


Looking forward to hearing back from you!

It happens with all songs/albums. Every time I add just a single song, the whole album appears in my Library. Here is a screen recording of the issue :

Was trying to trasfers from apple music to spotify when I ran into this problem, so I'm back to apple music

As soon as dark mode comes to iOS, I'm switching over to Apple music.

I’m really surprised less people are complaining. Unless this gets fixed soon I’ll just move to my family’s Apple Music plan. It’s already cheaper than Spotify and with this bad update (and lack of fix for months) why keep paying.

Wow... Congratulations Spotify. You nailed it. I mean if your goal was to put me off from using your app, that’s a success. I’ve just updated the app and I have the new interface. This could not be more inconvenient. 

Now I can’t even save individual tracks to my Library, except by adding them to the Saved Songs playlist. So convenient to find songs in a playlist with 2000 tracks... Only full albums are shown in the new "Albums" tab.

The app was great 3 or 4 months ago and you’ve ruined it with changes no one ever requested. Why removing the freedom to choose between saving individual tracks or saving entire albums ? That’s nonsense...

Apple Music here I come...

I also have this issue. Why isn’t it being resolved. Should be really simple, it’s not some software/hardware combination issue it seems because friends also have the same issue. There must be a lot of people experiencing the same thing and it’s making the app terrible to use because the library adds entire albums and you can’t find the right songs anymore. 


Is Spotify working on the problem?



iPhone 7 

os 12.3.1

I just tested this myself and I believe this is it for me. I’ve been trying Apple music and it just works. There are pros and cons to each but I’ve got to go with the one that works.

In an earlier post on this thread one of the Spotify folks said this was not the intended behavior. So where is the follow up? An album played from within Your Library should only play the songs that are “liked” in that album. This is fundamental and is still not working even in the new interface. 

I agree...
Even though in the new interface, only the Albums you’ve liked show up in the Albums section... In a way it makes more sense but it’s even more annoying ! Now you don’t even have the possibility to find songs you’ve liked from the Album tab.
I don’t understand why they changed this in the first place. With the old Spotify, you could choose between saving an entire album or saving some of its songs... This new version doesn’t simplify the app but actually reduces your possibilities... Putting all liked songs in one playlist is absurd ! How are you supposed to find songs in a playlist that big ??

I've just switched over from Apple Music to try Spotify out and this issue means I will definitely be switching back once my trial is over. 


On Apple Music you can just save the few songs you like from the album and it still shows up as an album. I'm not going to trawl through hundreds of songs in a 'liked songs' list. I navigate using the albums. 


Seriously Spotify, this is so non user friendly. 

This is terribly annoying. One of the charms if spotify was to have FREEDOM to manage your library any way you want and have different criterias to group music (by artist, albums, all songs, playlist)


Call me a freak but if want only 10 out of 12 songs from an album i only want that but grouped in all sorts. Not this hodge podge. Terrible by all means and complete lack of customer service considering the complaints

 Finally found a thread talking about this! The big draw for Spotify is the really unique curated playlists. But I listen to my music by album mostly and I never like ALL the songs on an album. The liked songs playlist is now just a list of songs, like the old Spotify. But now there’s a separation between liked individual songs and whole albums.

If i were to design a music app I’d do it as such. One tab is for discover/search based on your listening habits. The other is ALL your music, which you can sort by all songs/albums/playlists and then filter by name/artist/custom/year. SIMPLE!!!

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