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Album Artwork screwed up on iPhone App

Album Artwork screwed up on iPhone App

Hi Everyone, 

I am havving issues with the album Artwork that appears on my playlists that I have saved on premium Spotify account. 

When I use Spotify through my Macbook Pro there are no issues... however when I use my iPhone, songs either have the incorrect album artwork, its blank or has the wrong local file album artwork appear instead.... its **bleep**ed!


Is there a way I can fix this? 



My Playlists are available offline on both my computer and iPhone.

iPhone Software is IOS 9.3.1 - always updated - iPhone was update 5/4/16 - but this issue started when network issues occured on the 2/4/16.
I still have 28GB of storage capacity left on iPhone


Its really annoying as I recognize songs from the artwork


Cheers guys in advance for the support!

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