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Album artwork is showing TWICE!?

Album artwork is showing TWICE!?

Earlier today the album artwork was showing twice: full size and with a thumbnail at the top. Why on earth would we need to see it twice?

This must be the developers bored and just trying anything at this point for the sake of it... this is the first time I've seen such a thing. But now it's gone back to 'normal'.


I would appreciate if things were kept as they were and not messed around with for no good reason.


Please put the song title and artist back down to below the artwork where it was before for all these years before. It's simply horrible and makes no sense at the top.




2 Replies

I understand that you dislike the change in the layout of the album artwork and song title and artist on Spotify, and you prefer the previous layout. It's possible that this change was made as a test by Spotify's development team, and it's also possible that it was a temporary bug.

It's worth noting that Spotify is constantly updating its app to improve the user experience, and sometimes these updates include changes to the layout or design of the app. These changes may not always be well received by all users, and it's possible that the development team will take feedback into consideration when deciding whether or not to keep the change.

If you would like to provide feedback on the change in layout, you can contact Spotify support ( They have a section on their website where users can submit feedback and suggestions. Additionally, you can also submit feedback through the Spotify app by going to the settings and then to the help and support section.


I wanted to echo the sentiment of AmaniHipHop in that feedback is not just welcomed but encouraged, but it needs to go through the right channels to ensure your voice is heard. 

Also in line with AHH’s thoughts, please keep in mind that Spotify consistently makes changes to their platform, and those changes are intentional, whether they’re testing something or committing to a UX change. Spotify is a platform, and their decision-making is motivated by best serving the platform at large. There will undoubtedly be opinions, good or bad, no matter what they do, but I am confident that they have good intentions and base their decisions off of a massive amount of data. 

Please keep submitting your thoughts, participating, and providing feedback. That’s what the community is for. 





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