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Album list disappears


Album list disappears

Album list disappears after search then scroll. Individual tracks stay. Have to re-search to get album list, but if you have a long list, it'll disappear again once you start to scroll.


Anybody else? A fix?

40 Replies

Meredith, can we have an SLA PLEASE

Judging by the some of the outstanding problems highlighted on this forum I'm guessing this issue won't be addressed for months (if at all). The crashing issue on iPhone 3's for example, has been open for over a year with no fix and no acknowledgment from spotify support. I'm surprised that no-one in the media has picked up and reported on any of these issues and the non existent 'customer support.'



Sort your shizzle out spotify or risk losing the masses to a rival. Ill start promoting the rivals on here if you piss me off enough.

Same problem here and very annoying, however, thank you for your efforts to get this fixed.

Phone 4s

OS  6.0.1

Spotify  version

Spotify Core 0.7.16114




Well, it's the beginning of 2013 and still this is happening. Not a happy user.

iPhone 5
iOS 6.0.1

Same here. iPhone 5,
iOS 6.0.1,

So annoying

What are some alternatives to spotify?

Napster is an alternative to Spotify.

Same happening here, iPhone 5, iOS 6.0.2 Spotify version, core Can someone from Spotify comment on when this is likely to be fixed? I got to this thread by clicking on a ' there is a solution to this problem' button that appears at the start of this thread. obviously not, so not sure what that is supposed to mean?

I emailed Spotify and got this completely uncommitted:

"We're aware of an issue with the full results list not showing in iOS searches and it's something we're looking into. Hopefully a fix will be along with the next update we release although we can't promise anything.

Sorry we can't be more help than that. 😞

Have a great day!

Adam Watts

Spotify Customer Services


The most important thing is to have a great day. Well on a positive note despite this bug I'm really getting a lot out of this app. It's still worth the 10 dollars.

Come on Spotify. An otherwise excellent product unnecessarily handicapped here. This isn't exactly going to be an 'oh my god we need to rewrite the entire code base to fix this' bug. It's going to take one dev like an hour or two tops to nail a faulty array pointer or handle a try-catch properly. Seriously, iPhone users are among your only paying customers... Can you seriously afford to give us such bugs when your business model needs us so badly?

(As if anyone from Spotify with any job description other than 'placate the users any way you can but don't bug the devs' is ever going to read this. Yeah right!)

IPhone 5 (model MD242B)
IOS 6.0.1 (10A523)
Spotify core

I wish there was something more I could do help... like inflict this pernicious annoying ass little bug on the Spotify CTO ... or better yet one if their venture fund backing CEOs. You watch how fast that would get this **bleep** fixed. But diddums here... he isn't got no beef in this world. Lets all cry for diddums and his fellow spotify users.

P.s Spotify is awesome and kicks all the competition's asses. Just saying. (They got me over the fricking barrel here; kickass product, lame bug :7)

Everyone in this thread needs to like all posts in the thread (as well as any threads like it speaking to the same problem) to maybe give it a little more visibility. I know I'm grasping at straws here.


Tweet them on twitter with @Spotify and complain there too.


Blog about it on your own blog.


The only thing I know to do is to push on every public avenue available to get their attention.


If I were paying $1 per month for the premium service I might be a little more forgiving, hell I would even be more forgiving if they said anything at all here... I'm a pretty forgiving guy. But don't ignore your customers entirely. Why even have the community site if your not going to engage your customers at all. It makes me feel like I'm talking to some governmental agency, like the IRS.

Again, why has someone accepted a solution on this thread??? There is no solution!!! Accepting a solution makes this thread look dead and solved. WTF?

Should be the OP-which is me! And I didn't "accept as solution". No solution has been reached, far as I know...

Marked as solution

I was having the same problem.  I had tried uninstalling and installing with no success.  I emailed Spotify and they replied asking me to uninstall, then power down my iphone (4), power up the phone, and reinstall.  It worked for me.  I had previously uninstalled and reinstalled without restarting the phone.  You may want to try it this way.

Thank you eyekeyshoe!  This totally worked for me (iPhone 5, iOS 6.0.2).  Hope it works for others as well.


Thanks for taking the time to respond here, which is more than I can say for Spotify.

Hi everyone - We haven't had many new posts regarding this. Everyone's search function working properly now?


If you're still having trouble please let us know. 

Yeah! Working perfectly! 😉

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