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Albums in my heavy rotation I’ve never played

Albums in my heavy rotation I’ve never played

There are albums, some of which have no songs, appearing my in monthly “Heavy Rotation”. I’ve never heard of them. I’ve never attempted to play them. They don’t apprear in my recently played. I have signed out across all devices and changed my password. It continues to happen.


I need this to stop or I’ll have to cancel my subscription. 





iOS 10



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Same issue here. Why are there playlists that I've never played before appearing in my Heavy Rotation list containing songs that I would never listen to? I logged out on all devices and changed my password too. If this is a Spotify feature, it's a confusing one and a very poor one. Really not impressed. You should at least be able to opt out of it so that your feed isn't contaminated with rubbish music. 

I'm having the same issue. Initially looked like I'd been hacked and/or my account was somehow cross-contaminated with someone else's add all sorts of playlists I'd never listened too were appearing and mine had disappeared, so changed my password and reinstalled the apps but there's a few lists I've never listened to appearingappearing in heavy rotation. wth?

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