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Albums in playlists out of order?

Albums in playlists out of order?

My albums in my playlist are out of order. This has been happening since the update. Everything is messy. Any way to fix it?
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Hey Marlon!

Don't worry, we're definitely going to fix this!
Could you please provide me with some more information? Which device(s) are you using as well as the version(s)?

Thank you in advance!

Just happening on my iPhone. Version 8.1.0.

So while scrolling up, you should see these buttons as attached in the images. Which option is selected? It should state "Custom", because you've probably sorted your playlist manually, right?

It's sorted out by artist, and it's always been this way. Since the update, the albums have been out of order for each artist

@Marlongaldamez Sorry for the late response! What we could try first would be to update the app to the most recent version available on the App Store (8.2). Let's see if it works now. 🙂


If there's anything else, just let me know!

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