Albums in "Your Music"

Albums in "Your Music"



In my desktop version of Spotify, I have the ability to sort my albums in "Your Music" (under the "Albums"-tab) in various ways. It is possible to organize my albums according to artists, so that all my Gorguts albums are following each other, all my Suffocation albums are following each other and so on. In my IOS version, the albums are organized alphabetically according to album title, which is a mess to my eyes. Does anyone know if the possibility to sort differently will be featured in the IOS version sometime? 



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So keen for this to get addressed

Would like a response to this too. Google Play Music app has excellent ways to browse across albums.



Yes, full sorting capability for Your Music similar to what exists on the desktop client today is in the works.  My guess is it's probably 2 months before we will see these badly needed features.


Spotify...this is the #1 request for iOS....only the Largest OS of smart phones in the world.  Please adjust your priorities!


Thanks, Phil 😉

You can work around this by doing it all in playlists.


Just set up a folder called Albums (or whatever) and then add sub-folders for each artist and then add the individual albums to the artist folders.



Yes, thanks. Been doing this work around since the app was launched. But it is a work around and not a pleasant user experience. It is time consuming and really needs to be done on Desktop to access the full functions to make albums work in Playlists. 


In any case I want Playlsits to be just that. Playlists!


The point is the current album function in the new app is not useable in its current form. The Android app has search and filters built into the Album section of the app. Google Play Music on iOS offers a comprehenice Library section with Genres, Atrists, Albums and Songs all with their own navigation.


The new Spotify app looks beautiful, but Spotify needs to start putting more effort into functionality.

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