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Albums won't display songs

Albums won't display songs

Sometimes when I scroll across "My Music" and view my downloaded albums, I try to open an album and just get the three spots (loading symbols) but the album contents won't appear. My only option is to log out of spotify and log back in again, which sometimes works.
How can I stop this happening??
Very frustrated considering £10.00 per month!!
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Hi there! The best course of action here would be to try a clean reinstallation of the application.

Give this a shot and let us know if it works. Cheers!

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Interested to see this as I have exactly the same problem. I recently switched from an iPod to an iPhone and I have had the problem on both.


The fact I have had this on two devices suggests to me it is a common problem. Have there been other reports of this?

Hi friend
I have googled this problem expecting to see hundreds of people asking the same question, but it seems that we are alone with this. It's really annoying me and I'm considering stopping my subscription. If you find an answer, please let me know.
Regards J

Are you online or offline when this happens?

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I am intending to listen offline when this happens, to albums which I have saved offline so which have the green arrow in a circle next to them indicating as such.


As far as I am aware if I have saved albums offline I should be able to access them at any time whether I have set online or offline mode via settings. Please correct me if this is wrong.


When the problem occurs I end up playing around with online and offline mode to try to fix it. This morning I played around a bit to try to recreate the problem with findings as follows:


  • At home (wifi) - In offline mode I could not see albums. If I switched to online mode I could then see the albums. When I switched back to offline mode I could see the albums I had just viewed in online mode but not others.
  • At the train station this morning (no wifi) - I could view any album in online mode but none in offline mode
  • At home again now (wifi) - I can now view anything in online mode or offline mode

Currently I can't see any pattern to the problem but I will start noting the circumstances each time it occurs to see if any pattern becomes apparent.


If there are any particular tests I could do which could help to diagnose the problem please let me know.

I'm having the exact same problem and to be honest I'm getting tired of Spotify's problems with its mobile apps... Considering alternatives at this moment,

Hi Peter
Admittedly the problem usually occurs when I'm offline, but I thought the whole point of downloading / syncing music (and making it "available offline") was that I could actually listen when away from my wifi. The playlists and individual songs are always there, it's just the albums that won't display their contents.

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