All my playlists are gone.


Re: All my playlists are gone.

Casual Listener

Hi, I have the exact same Issue.


I am logged in on the Desktop App and everything is fine. All the playlists are there and it works.


I am also logged in on my iPhone with the same Account. All my Playlists are gone in the Library, the only Option I can see is the local files tab. When I Navigate to my Profile and klick on Playlists there, I can see all my Playlists, so they are not gone, its only a displaying error in the Library Tab... 


Also, when I Navigate to my Playlists through my Profile, I can play the synced songs but they all stop at 50% of the song...


Very frustrating... 


Tried logging in and out. Tried using facebook to log in and using my username.

Hope we can find a solution that doesnt include reinstalling the app...


Best regards 


Re: All my playlists are gone.

Casual Listener

Ah, I found another thread with the same Problem and the found a solution and it also worked for me.


Strangly deleting and reinstalling the app doesnt fix the issue, but simply restarting your iphone does.


Just turn it off and on again and the problem seems gone...

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