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The alphabetical scrollbar to quickly jump to different songs/artists on the side of the screen is no longer available. This is a large inconvenience for listening to liked songs (or library) and large playlists. 

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Same here. This is legitimately a deal-breaker for me. There is no way of being able to scroll under Artists, as it's all arranged in random order (see attached photo). This occurred after the latest 2 version updates. Please advise!!


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Hey @Seanye12 and @RB34,


Thanks for getting in touch!


At Spotify, we’re often testing and launching improvements and new features. When we’re testing, you may see something on the app your friend doesn’t, or get a new feature for only a temporary period.


You can sort Artists in the Artist section by dragging the list down to reveal the filter.


Tip: Make sure you don't miss a thing by enabling automatic updates on your device.


Hope this helps. Let us know if you have further questions.


Have a nice day!

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Thank you for your help. Still a bit unclear how to reveal the filter when
in Artists. You mentioned to drag down, but where? Here’s what I see when
in artists and when I attempt to drag down.

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I agree . For me it still does not work. Very annoying

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Hey @Vanloubbeecky and @RB34,


Thanks for getting back to us 🙂


It should appear something like this:




Let us know if you're still not seeing it - we'll take a closer look 😉


I can't agree more with this problem. The scrollbar was there - surely it was more work to take it away!


The filter is there but it is a slow process. If you're not at the top of the list you have to scroll up to the filter and then type - and if you don't know what you want to list to and you want to browse then it is a slow and annoying process. 


What yo've done is replaced something that can be done with one gesture with a multi-step process that requires more effort and is cognitively jarring.


Please consider putting the scroll bar back.

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Rock Star 24

Good news! In a recent iOS update, the alphabetical quick scroll bar is back in the Artist and Album sections. To see it make sure you have those section sorted alphabetically. If you don't see it yet make sure your app is up to date and you should see it soon.


How to sort:

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Thanks for the message, it still does not work for me even after the latest iOS update ☹️

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Hey @Vanloubbeecky,


Thanks for reaching out to us about this 🙂


This feature was recently removed, however there's an idea in the Community to reimplement it - feel free to head over here and add your vote to it.


Hope that helps! Let us know if there's anything else 😉

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The alphabetical view of artists finally came back but the songs under each artist have disappeared.
It says that there were no songs saved and that I should go in the settings to show the songs that were not downloaded. Even when I do that, they don’t show up under each artist.
This is very disappointing as I did save the songs at some point. Why did Spotify remove them ?