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App crashing constantly in background

App crashing constantly in background






iPhone 14 Pro

Operating System

iOS 17 (Had same issue with iOS16)


For past 2 weeks or so my Spotify app has been crashing constantly when running in the background.


App works fine if I leave it open, but once my phone locks or I move off Spotify and it runs in the background, it crashes within 30 seconds.


App is also very slow and unresponsive. I previously had iOS 16, but upgraded to iOS 17 hoping this would fix the issue but it did not.


I have also tried the other suggestions that have been made in the past:


-Uninstall/delete data, clean install.
-I updated to iOS 16.4, had same issue.
-I updated to iOS 17, still same issue.
-Turn off phone, wait and clean install.
-Clear cache
-Removed all downloads and other data.


Please help with this, as it has made the app completely unusable at this point.


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Hey there @user-removed


Thanks for reaching out about this here in the Community. 


Great troubleshooting so far, we can add a few more steps to make sure we've covered all bases.

You mentioned that you've already reinstalled the app, but would you mind going through the steps of a clean reinstall, as it's more thorough than a normal one?


Additionally, it's also a good idea to exclude the app from any Battery optimization software that might be active on your smartphone and make sure to check that the "Allow background data usage" setting is toggled on for Spotify as well.


If the issue persists, could you let us know if this started happening after a specific event such as an update?

We'll be on the lookout.

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Hi Eni,


Thanks for your quick response.


I’ve tried the clean install and still having same issue. I also noticed this same problem is occurring on my iPad as well, crashing whenever I start listening to anything on the Spotify app.


I can’t confirm anything specifically, but there was an app update about a week or 2 ago, which is around the time period that the app became unusable because of how often it’s crashing.


Please help resolve!







I’m still facing the same issue, and this unable to use Spotify at all. 

Can anyone please advise or help?

Hey @user-removed,


Thanks for the replies.


Could you make sure the background app refresh is turned on for your iOS devices? Here is how to do it.


Does the issue occur when using a different Spotify account?


Keep us posted.



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Hi Dian,


Yes, I’ve confirmed background app refresh is turned on for Spotify, and as a sanity check I’ve turned on background app refresh for literally all the applications I have on my phone.


As I mentioned previously, this is also happening on my iPad.


i haven tried logging in with a different account, but I can try that today.


If there are no problems using a different account, what would be the next steps for resolution?



Hi @user-removed,

Thanks for keeping us in the loop!

Right now we have an Ongoing issue that seems to be related to what you're experiencing. We recommend keeping an eye on this thread, where you'll also be notified once the issue is fixed. Just make sure to leave a vote and subscribe to that thread.

Hopefully we'll have this sorted out soon! If the issue persists afterwards, just send us a reply in this thread and we'll investigate further.

Let us know how it goes. 

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Hi Elena,


Thanks for the update! I’ve been tracking that thread as well, but I’m still facing the same issue. Completely unable to use the Spotify app due to its inability to play more than half a song before crashing.


Hopeful for a resolution soon!


I’ve also been having the same issue for about 2 weeks. Troubleshooted every way that I can imagine and then some. Still unable to play more than 30 seconds of audio. The app is also extremely slow in terms of loading and responsiveness.

I'm also having the same issue. I have an iPhone 14 Pro and the version of Spotify I have is 8.8.88. Spotify is slow and will cut out from the podcast I'm listening to will shut off after a minute or less when the screen greys down. I have background app refresh turned on. I have iOS version 17.1.1. I've pretty much done all the steps recommended, clean uninstall and reinstall, logged out. 

Hey folks,


If you're still experiencing this, please let us know your device model, OS version and Spotify version (if you haven't already) so we can forward the info to our tech team.



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Model: iPhone 12

Version: iOS 17.1.1 (issue occurred with iOS 16 as well

Spotify Version:


I am experiencing all that was mentioned in this thread before me. I haven’t been able to use the app for at least two weeks without it constantly crashing. I miss all of my songs and podcasts, so I look forward to the issue being resolved soon! Happy to provide any other details of settings I have adjusted in attempts to troubleshoot before reaching out!

Followup, I can run the app but only if I keep it up and on. When I move away from the screen, it stops. Keeping it on, causes my phone to become hot. 

My phone model is the iphone 14 pro, I have the ios 17.1.1. I updated to
the most recent update for Spotify: 8.8.88

Update. the latest update downloaded on my phone. I logged out and logged back in and it appeared to work but sometime today, it started doing the same issue that we've all been complaining about, It shuts off after about 30 seconds if you put the phone in idle or turn the screen off. It's also takes a long time to change pages or get an image of the podcast episode. I wonder how everyone else is doing with their complaints? 

One thing I've noticed is after I log out and log back in, if the opening screen has a greeting either good evening or good morning, a bell icon and a clock icon and a cog icon, the app works correctly for me, it doesn't get hot or shuts down after 30 if I leave the page. if the opening screen has a pink circle with a black C for my screen name the app doesn't work correctly, it does get hot and it does shut down after 30 if I leave the page. I don't know what that means. 

I Listen to music in the background but mostly when i reopen it freeze or crash. This happens since the last Update really often.  i Start the App but i have to close it and open it New sometimes i habe to Do this 5 Times. If i search for an artist it also getting freeze or crash. It is really no joy to Listen.  

I have the on Android 13 and until the last Update everything was good for years

Hi! I’m experiencing the same issue. iPhone 13 Pro. iOS 17.1.2 - not being able to listen longer than 30 seconds… now already for nearly a month. It’s more than dissatisfying 




(iPhone 15 Pro)

Operating System

IOS 17.1.2)


My Question or Issue

I have had an android before, in which I feel like I didn’t have these problems.

1. First problem I am experiencing is that when I am playing Spotify, and I open instagram YouTube or any other app. Spotify either stops playing on YouTube and TikTok, which is good but after closing these apps Spotify doesn’t start playing again automatically. I need to reopen the app manually to start playing again.

2. Another problem that occurs is that when I open and there is a story or a post with a sound Spotify will not stop playing.

3. When using apple car play and playing music on Spotify the music stops while opening the camera application and won’t start until I close the camera application.

4. Is there a way like there is on android, where you can switch between two music streaming applications in your widgets?

hopefully someone can help me solve some of these issues.


tried that but problem keeps reappearing 

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