App doesn't recognize my Premium account on my iPhone


App doesn't recognize my Premium account on my iPhone


Since the last update my Spotify App on my iPhone doesn't recognize my Premium account anymore. On my Mac it still says I have a Premium account.


I can log in on the app, search music, but when I press a song, I get a new screen that says it's Premium material and that you need a Premium account to listen to this song. 


I monthly pay 9,99, but it just doesn't work!!


Please give me a solution soon or I will stop using Premium!


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Same problem here.


I'm having the same problem. I've use spotify unlimited and never had a problem until I resubscribed yesterday.


i updated my credit card info and my premium account isn't being recognized on my mobile app.


It says i have a premium account on please help!


rubbish, ErgHedgehog & ok23 - You should be able to log into your paid subscriptions just fine - Just log out and back into your account a couple of times.

aparkthelark - I'm just shooting you an email, as some security details are needed here.

Everyone else - If you also to be having this error, I would urge you all to contact us via our contact form, as sometimes this might require some confirmation of security details.

To contact us directly, scroll up and click on "About Us", then select "Contact Form". I will be locking this thread, so no further replies can be made here.

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