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App "disappear" on update, won't reinstall

App "disappear" on update, won't reinstall

(Sorry for crossposting, i also posted this as an "issue" bur isn't sure that was the right place to get help.)


When starting the update from iOS [App Store] / [Updates] the Spotify app disappeared from the screen and from the Updates section in App Store.

When trying to reinstall Spotify from Search the app still seems to be preparing for an update, but is frozen. It is not possible to stop the update or reinstall from scratch.

In [General] / [Storage & iCloud Usage] / [Manage Storage] the Spotify app only appears as "null".


I deleted the "null" app from Manage Storage and have both soft rebooted and restarted the iPhone after. But Spotify is still "blocked" from reinstalling in the app store.


Device:iPhone 6 plus

Operating System Version: iOS 9.1

Spotify Version:? (most recent before the latest one that went wrong)

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Suffering the same issue.

App seems to have stopped mid-auto update. 

Can't be deleted from my homescreen. Can't restart the update. Just says initializing. 

Reboot of my device doesn't help.


Advice please (although I think this isn't a spotify problem ... so might have to complain to Apple!)

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