Apple CarPlay - Playlist Played In Wrong Order

Apple CarPlay - Playlist Played In Wrong Order


Hello Spotify, I an facing issue with playing my playlists in wrong order in Apple CarPlay. I think it is because of recent iOS 13.3.1 update. From nature of Apple CarPlay are all playlist songs are sorted from most recent to oldest, at least my playlist all are. You hit play that newest track and you want to go forward to older song and so on or you just listening and waiting to next song. Now instead of going to older song, next in playlist, it quits the playlist and radio is started. This means that Spotify in Apple CarPlay thinks that playlist is sorted from oldest to newest as it is default in Spotify and this song is last one instead of first one as displayed. It is somehow flipped. Now If you make same thing in app while you are connected to Apple CarPlay everything is normal and next /older song is played after hitting next track on phone. Can you please look at it? Thank you in advance and have nice day. Tom



Czech Republic



(iPhone XR)

Operating System

(iOS 13.3.1)


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Got the same problem. Even if you select a song in the middle of the playlist, the song above it will be played next and not the one below. But in official Spotify playlists this problem is not!


Please Fix this!


Me too, I have this issue and it’s very frustrating 

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