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Apple CarPlay - Spotify app is a mess.

Apple CarPlay - Spotify app is a mess.



so.. Well. I like Spotify, I really do. It's perfect on the PC and the app isn't too bad either, BUT the CarPlay integration is a complete MESS.

The app works fine, but the functionality is horrible.


I'll list some of things you CAN'T do in the CarPlay app:

1. Browse just won't listen half of the things it does on the actual app/PC client. It just doesn't show playlists randomly. Clicking on charts on my phone/PC shows me Top 50 of the world, my country and way more. On carplay? Well, guess we'll just leave Top 50 of the world out for no reason!

2. After starting a playlist, you can't easily go to an overview of the upcoming songs. There's also NO shuffle feature after starting the playlist/repeat 1 song/repeat whole playlist button. It's literally just a a screen with 3 buttons. That's it.

3. The look - like honestly? On the main screen there are 3 buttons. A library, radio and browse button. That's it. Nothing else. It looks completely empty and just bad.

I'm not even sure if there's a search function, I'll have to check tomorrow. Sadly you can't find any good pictures/articles talking about it on the web, so if anyone is interested in seeing this steaming pile of **bleep**, I'll gladly record a video of it tomorrow.


The app is a god darn joke on CarPlay and nearly unusable and it has apparently been like that for quite a while. Is it too much to ask for an app with basic functionality? 

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