Apple Watch app crashing when streaming to it


Apple Watch app crashing when streaming to it

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Hi all,


I recently noticed that the Apple Watch app added a Beta feature to stream to it directly. When I select that option though, the app shows a loading indicator for about 30 seconds and the entire watch becomes unresponsive (no buttons etc. work), and then the watch crashes, displaying the Apple logo until it restarts.


Not sure if there's any logs or something I can attach to help out, but here's my device info:

Apple Watch Series 5, on watchOS 7.0.2 (18R402)

iPhone 12 Pro (MGMT3X/A), on iOS 14.1



I've already tried restarting everything, and I've also completely reinstalled the Spotify app on both devices with no luck.


Casual Listener

Hey Billy, thanks for your reply. Just updating this in case anyone else runs into this issue.


It turns out the problem was that I didn’t have any Bluetooth headphones connected to my watch at the time, and that was causing the entire watch to die when trying to play Spotify from it.  Connected them up and everything is working smoothly! Hopefully this helps someone (and it might be worth passing this along to the Spotify devs so they can handle this case!) 


Be well

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