Apple Watch dowloading slow *BUG*

Apple Watch dowloading slow *BUG*


So apparently this is a common bug since I found the solution on reddit. But when you're downloading songs to the Apple Watch it does so excruciatingly slow. This seems to be because it's trying to transfer them over Bluetooth to the watch from the phone. I'm talking over a minute per song in some cases. If you turn off the Bluetooth (in phone settings) the songs will download directly to the watch over WIFI and you can download 50 songs in under a minute. 


It would be great if an engineer could take a look at this since it is annoying to go into settings when I'm just trying to get some songs loaded up before a run. I'm also sure this is impacting people that think this is normal behavior and might even cause them to not use the feature. Or switch services. 


It would also be great if we could have playlists over 50. I continuously add to my running playlist and its very cumbersome to make a new playlist just so I can listen to some new songs on shuffle when I want to hear the older ones as well. 


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Hey @turnt_bambi,

Thank you for reaching out to the Community and welcome.

We appreciate the feedback you sent us about the downloading process in the Watch. We're always looking for new ways to improve the user experience, the features, and the app overall.

About the 50 track restriction, a similar idea has already been suggested here, and it's actually set as "Live Idea" - feel free to add your +Vote and subscribe to it!  Any changes or updates will be posted in that thread.

Once again - thanks for the feedback; we appreciate it. Let us know if we can help with anything else. We're always one reply away.


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