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Apple Watch downloaded podcast stops and resets to beginning

Apple Watch downloaded podcast stops and resets to beginning







Apple Watch Series 6, cellular/WiFi 

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As a jogger, I Want the single (long) podcast episode I listen to on my run to start where I left off on my last run, In Order To listen to an episode across multiple runs.


When I start a new downloaded watch podcast, all is well; I press play, start listening and go off on my run. However, when I return back home, and within bluetooth range of my iphone (though I don’t know if this is the issue or not, but I suspect it’s related), the podcast stops, and when I look at the Spotify app, the position of the podcast is back at the beginning. My expectation is that 1) it doesn’t stop playing just because I get back home and within BT range of my phone and 2) that even if it is going to stop, that it doesn’t reset its position within the podcast episode.

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Hi there @jvaleski,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community.


Can you perform a clean reinstall of the app? This will make sure there's no old cache files causing this.


It would also be great if you can reinstall the app on the watch.


After you've performed a clean reinstall and reinstalled the app on both devices, can you re-pair the watch with your phone and then start playback of the playlist you want to download and then start downloading it?


Let us know how everything works after you've followed the steps above 🙂

Take care!

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thank you for getting back to me. I'll report back once apple releases a new iphone or watch and I have to do a full system refresh/install. I don't do one-off app installs/re-installs because it's so painful (resetting preferences, re-downloading data (songs in this case), and instead wait for the full system setup again. will report back! thanks again for the suggestion.

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