Apple Watch - need advice


Apple Watch - need advice


if I start the Spotify app on my watch, it takes over and I can’t seem to close it. I go to the Dock, swipe left & tap on the X, but as soon as I’m back to the watch face, Spotify is there - when the watch is not active, the face is replaced by the digital clock and if I tap on it the Spotify app pops up. 

Any help is appreciated. 

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Re: Apple Watch - need advice

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I have a solution that might solve this for you


On the watch go to Settings app ---> General ---> Wake Screen ---> Scroll all the way down to "return to last session apps" and turn off "Spotify" and "Now Playing".  These settings aren't in the Watch iPhone app so you have to go to  the settings app on the watch. It's not very obvious that this is the cause and hopefully this solves your problem.


If you have "Spotify" turned on here, when music is playing on your iPhone, the watch will always resume to show the Spotify watch app since it's still in session. Same thing happens for "Now Playing". The "Now Playing" is for Apple's own music app but when you have Spotify installed and playing it will switch to the Spotify app instead so turning this off as well if you use Spotify is usually a good idea if you don't want it to keep popping up.


I also recommend turning off "Auto-Launch Audio Apps" under the same "Wake
Screen" settings on the watch. This setting will make the Spotify app auto start on your Apple Watch when Spotify is opened on your iPhone and it can be annoying.


I have all of the 3 mentioned options turned off and when I have Spotify playing on my iPhone, if I want to see Spotify app on my Apple Watch all I need to do is open the Spotify app on my watch or tap the little white "now playing" icon at the top of the clock screen. Then I just go back to the main time screen by pressing the digital crown button on the watch and it doesn't keep showing the Spotify app every time.

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