Apple Watch x iPhone x AirPods Pro Issues


Apple Watch x iPhone x AirPods Pro Issues


When I am using Spotify to listen to music through my Airpods, and I rotate the watch (i.e. to check the time to raise my hand to brush my hair), the music pauses and disconnects from my AirPods. This is an issue since, the sound now plays through my phone's speakers, until I reconnect my AirPods to my iPhone (and therefore my watch). 


I do not face the same issue: 

  • when I play music through SoundCloud or Apple Music 
  • If I am on a phone call; the call does not hang up nor does it switch to iPhone speaker 
  • If I have my workout app running in the background

The issue seems to be specific to when I am playing music through Spotify and nothing else (which is my most common use case).  I have performed a thorough troubleshooting with AppleCare, and they are unable to assist me on this since it is a Spotify specific issue, and does not appear to impact other apps. 







(iPhone 12, AirPods Pro, Apple Watch Series 6)

Operating System

iOS 14.3

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Re: Apple Watch x iPhone x AirPods Pro Issues


Hey @1262755757,


Thanks for reaching out to the Community with this one.


Could you let us know if the issue persists once you've performed a clean reinstall of the Spotify app on your smartphone. This should also trigger a reinstall on the Apple watch. 


If that doesn't fix things, could you test if the issue comes up when connecting your smartwatch to different headphones/ sound system? We'd also appreciate a list of the troubleshooting steps you did with AppleCare, that would hep us pinpoint the root cause quicker and avoid suggesting the same steps.


Keep us posted, we'll be on the lookout for your reply. 

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