Apple watch... Listening to downloaded tracks WITHOUT my phone (STILL)

Apple watch... Listening to downloaded tracks WITHOUT my phone (STILL)


After about a year of frustration they finally fixed this and I was happily listening to my downloaded podcasts and music off my apple watch without my phone nearby.

Upgraded my phone to an iPhone 13 PRO and reset the watch to pair with it.

Downloaded more episodes and listened fine to them, without the iPhone etc.

Today, 4 days later, the damn connection issue is back. Apple watch symble blinks and says it couldn't connect, there was an unexpected error.

We're back to **bleep** square one and apple music.

The topic I was following was closed and they keep throwing the "do a full apple watch reset etc". None of this time wasting exercise was necessary when it simply worked. One day it didn't work, then I received the email saying it was fixed, went on the app and it was working.

So stop wasting our times and fix it please!


Plan: Premium Full Family 

Country: Brazil 

Device: iPhone 13 PRO ios 15.4.1, Apple Watch 6 8.5.1 (19T252)

Operating System: as above 



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Hey @dessita,


Thanks for posting in the Community.


Could you check if the issue your describing matches the one from this thread? If so, we will be posting the updates on the resolution there.


If not, we'd like you to check out this thread and perform the troubleshooting steps described there.


If you've already tried some troubleshooting, do share, so we can avoid repeating the same steps.


Keep us posted,



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