Artist's Whole Catalog - iOS - 2019


Artist's Whole Catalog - iOS - 2019


How can I play (shuffle-play, if possible) an artist's or band's entire catalog with the iOS app?


I've searched, and there are some suggestions, but I can't get any to work.  The suggestions in the forum are either (a) out-of-date, or (b) not specific to the iOS client.  Usually both.


This is for a Spotify Premium account based in the US on an iPhone X with iOS 12.1.4 running the Spotify 8.4.93 app.


I've tried using the play / shuffle-play from the artist's page, as well as doing a search for the artist, going to "See all songs" and playing a song there.  (Suggestions from long-ago posts.)  But in both cases, all I get are a handful of popular songs and then it's on to an "Songs Radio"-type selection where Spotify plays songs from other artists that it thinks are similar.


I really would like to just be able to expore some of the B-sides and other lesser known pieces from specific artists who have big catalogs.  It's hard to add songs you don't know to a playlist.  ;->


Last resort would be creating a playlist with the whole catalog and shuffle-playing that, but it seems like a lot of work for something that - in concept anyway - seems like it should be easy.


Maybe I'm just doing it wrong.


Any help is appreciated.