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Artists & Albums vanished on iPhone but not on iPad??

Artists & Albums vanished on iPhone but not on iPad??

I wondere if anyone can help or had the same issue?

I was in offline mode on my iPhone and went into online mode to go and add a new song when I noticed I had no albums or artists showing but playlists were still there.

I went onto the iPad but they are still there as I have loads of artists.

Does anyone know why they are no longer showing on my iPhone? I hate to think I have to re download them all again 😞 I haven't lost it all have I?

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Hey there and welcome to the community!


Have you tried logging out and back in on your iPhone? If it doesn't help try a clean reinstallation of the app.

I hope you haven't lost it too, try logging out and re-opening the app. Did this help? If not you'll have to reinstall the app.

I have this same problem. Reinstalling the app only syncs up the first two songs of any artist.


Not only do i have to now redownload my offline albums, but also it still does not work properly.


Very fustrating when i don't want to use my data for Spotify and my albums and artists (along with offline playlist) just dissapear on me. 

Same issue here. I've still got my playlist but not Albums and the only songs and artists are for the ones in the playlists.

I've tried logging in and out but no effect.


I've also tried logging in and out on my laptop to see if there is anything odd there but on that computer I can see see all my albums fine.


Must have happened in the last couple of days. The last app update was over a week ago but I did install the new iPad version a couple fo days ago so I wonder if that has had some effect? And just checked my iPad and it can see all the albums fine.


What do I do? Really frustrating as I got a lot of saved albums and many offline so if I have to download them all again I'll be a bit pissed.



Same issue, this is the second time Im experiencing this enjoyable problem ;


I did nothing but selecting a track to play the first time and all my albums disapeared on my iPhone ( not on my mac nor my ipad ), then a few hours later, they all came back but I had to download all my offlne albums... nice! ( which means 4 to 5 hours downloading... 😕 )


and yesterday, the same thing all over again, except that for the moment, i still can't find my albums in My Music.... nice, again !


If we are several to experience this issue, Spotify should be advised and work on that... Im not gonna spend hours to download all the music I want to keep in my phone every week like that ;

Just an update to my last post. 


So my albums have all magically appeared today 🙂

So that is good, only bad thing is all the albums I'd marked as offline are now not marked, so I've got to go through my 100 albums and pick the ones to make offline, yet again.

I noticed today that all of my albums have suddenly disappeared in the iPhone app. Even albums I have downloaded no longer appear on my phone. I know all of my albums were there a couple of days ago. All my albums apppear correctly in the desktop app. Any suggestions how to fix this without deleting the app and all music I've download (including local files)?



Your best option is unfortunately to delete the app to get your albums back and to download all over again, but that's not permanent !

Since the last update i thought it will be okay, I had no problem, all my albums, songs, artist... and then this morning, an album ( which I had download through the app ) was being loaded and suddenly all of them disappeared once again... for the THIRD TIME in a month !


Im getting sick of being obliged to download all my albums every two weeks.... Im certainly gonna switch to Rdio...


I have had the same probelm with my Ipod and offline play. The only thing I use my Ipod for is offline play. When I'm on with Wifi all my offline artist and albums are on my ipod, turn off Wifi and all my offline stuff goes away. But if I start playing the offline music and turn off Wifi all my music will stay until Wifi is turned back on. Very frustrating!!!

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