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Audi Metadeta Transition

Audi Metadeta Transition


I recently transitioned from a 2016 to 2018 Audi A4.


On my 2016 Audi, I could easily link up my iPhone to Bluetooth and play Spotify through the car. On the screen, it would display the artist, track, run time, album, etc. 


On the new 2018 Audi, it doesn't appear that the metadeta is being transmitted. It is a very simple screen that simply shows the name of the song, but nothing more.


Am I missing something or is this feature no longer available? I am not a fan of CarPlay and prefer the Bluetooth route.



2 Replies


Hey @smbaren.


Currently there is no integration between Spotify and Audi cars. And because there is no universal standard for how Metadata should be transferred to a car, it's possible that your experience may vary per car.


Normally we'd suggest using Carplay but you mention that you're not a huge fan. Maybe you should give it another chance!


Let us know if you have further questions.



@Guido I agree with OP on this one. Carplay is clunky because you need to plug in the device. Most Audi’s now come come with a phone box which includes wireless charging and only fits the phone when it’s not connected on the wire.


If i have to connect the phone to carplay every time to see the track, etc it means i render my phone box useless and i have a phone dangling about when I’m driving. If I don’t use the phone box, I render my spotify account useless.

There’s really no win in either situation mentioned above but the winner here is quite evident.


This issue has been brought up a lot of times  over the course of the past few years and was always shot down because of the number of kudos. I’d be extremely surprised if the number of Spotify users that have an Audi is that small that is not worth the company’s time and effort to work on this.

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