Audiobooks Show only first 50 tracks


Audiobooks Show only first 50 tracks



iPhone X (2017)

Operating System

iOS 12.1.3

Spotify Version


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Family Premium

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Dear Community, 

I listen to audiobooks on a daily basis. Since today afternoon, any audiobook shows only the first 50 tracks. 

When starting a track higher than „chapter 50“ from a WhatsApp-Link, it works. Still, the subsequent songs won‘t play and Spotify jumps to a random song between 1 and 50. 

Shuffle is off. And I didn‘t change any setting. 

 On a friend‘s iPhone XS everything works fine... comparing all settings we didn‘t find any differences. 

Someone got an idea? 



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Same here


On my Iphone it's the same behaviour (Iphone X). On the same Version on a different device it worked fine with my account.


I had contact with the support but they told me to wait for an answer here. So pls. Spotify what can we do, the app is a bit usless like that and you still get my monthly fee.


After all, I found an easy workaround: 


You can click the three dots in the top right corner and add the album to a new playlist - then you have all songs listed and in correct order. 


Still quite a weak performance by Spotify, I hope they will fix it sometime soon. 


I have the same problem.

iPhone XS Max

iOS Version 12.1.3

Spotify Version


All albums with more than 50 tracks are cut off. My colleague with the same

Spotify version

iPhone 8+

iOS Version Beta 12.2

does not have the problem at all.

My Android phone works fine too. Using the web browser I can see all tracks as well. 


I even deleted and reinstalled my app, but nothing changed. 

Since I am listening to audiobooks most of the time, the app is kind of useless for me at the moment. To keep track of everything I use the playlists for music albums only. 


It would be great if Spotify could fix this. 



I just checked with my Android Tablet: the failure is not present there, this only related to my iPhone app... In the meantime, I uninstalled and reinstalled, which was no help whatsoever. Of course, I restarted my iPhone also. 


Two more details on this topic (See Screenshots attached)

When I hit the „Download“ Button Spotify seems to download all 273 Songs from my example audiobook „Oxen - das erste Opfer“, even though it doesn‘t show it in the track list.


Secondly, I just realized the buttons in the control menu changed, e.g the „repeat playlist“ button vanished, the three dots vanished (from where I used the „share“ function) and the „share“ now got a new, direct button... spooky! 



By accident, this problem has been opened twice.

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