Auditory Pitch/Speed Glitches

Auditory Pitch/Speed Glitches

Bear with me here since I don't really know the right terms to describe this, but I thought I would submit a bug report. I saw older threads mentioning this, but maybe some more information will help.


Basically I'm getting a very distracting pitch distortion during playback. The best way to describe it is that I'm hearing a hollywood-style slo-mo effect that drags the audio deeper, but it bounces around as if someone is using a whammy-bar on an electric guitar. I've never experienced this before, but it happened 3 or 4 times this afternoon across a couple tracks and I gave up after since it was pretty unpleasant.


Most recent example:


10/30/21 ~ 3:00 PM

Eye by The Smashing Pumpkins (Lost Highway) between the 0 - 15 second mark

iPhone 12 mini iOS 14.7.1

Spotify v (premium account)

On decent wifi 82.4 Mbps down 20.6 Mbps down

Listening via AirPods Pro over short range (with phone in hand)


I tried going back and forth between Apple podcasts and Spotify music while this was going on. It definitely seems to be a Spotify-specific issue.

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