Auto sort playlist by newest


Auto sort playlist by newest


hi all, 
I have some public playlists with 600+ songs that I update weekly with new songs. I really would like to have a general setting of that playlist, that the total playlist will be sorted by newest added on top automaticly. It is a lot of work for me to manually dragg and drop songs from the bottom of the list to the top every time i add a new one.

Now you can only sort playlists on your own device, per user and per device. This is not really great, i can not tell all the followers to go to the playlist, than dragg screen down and sort playlist by Recently Added and this for all their devices.

It would be super great to have an extra functionallity for this in Playlist settings, that when i change the order of songs or add new ones, it shows on top and it will automaticly be updated by everyone that is using that playlist. 

Is there any change this feature will get developed by Spotify? or any other way to solve this?

(i saw some other topics about this but they were all closed)