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BIG PROBLEM trying to listen to music

BIG PROBLEM trying to listen to music

Hi, I have a big problem for about 2/3 months now.

I’m trying to listen to music and it doesn’t work, it continuously skips for 10 seconds, skips the whole song or when it finally plays a will scratch the whole time as if I’m listings to an old record with scratches.....I have a iPhone 6s, software 11.3.1. Newest update off Spotify in the App Store. Doesn’t matter... listening online, offline, headphone no headphone (tried different kinds)....even without a happens all the time. Already deleted and reinstalled Spotify on all my devices (had to put all my music off line again)completely logged out....and logged in again....and the problem is still there!!! What is Spotify going to do about this HUGE PROBLEM?? I’m not the only one....I’m trying to look everywhere for the solution...but there isn’t one. Is someone trying to do something about this BIG PROBLEM? 

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Can you head to and hit 'remove all'?
If you have any offline tunes, this will mean re-downloading them but we think it'll help.


Let us know how you get on 🙂


Hi, did what you’ve told me to do...and the problem is still there.



Is there a solution or not? Is someone from Spotify seriously looking into the problem or do I need to go to another music streaming company? I don’t know how you like to listen to your music.....I can not listen  to 1 song normally......without it going forward 10 seconds, Siri starts in the middle of a song, song is constantly faltering as if I’m listening to an old record with scratches......songs are skipping to a next song.....

it’s seriously driving me CRAZY to a point that I want to throw my phone!!!!!

Again...I’ve done everything, reinstalled, everything offline removed, I have the latest iOS an Spotify app don’t tell me again to do this or that....because I’m getting sick of it!!!!!!! 

I read that so many people have this GIANT PROBLEM!!! WHAT IS SPOTIFY GOING TO DO ABOUT THIS??? Or do I seriously have to LEAVE SPOTIFY FOR APPLE MUSIC????????? 


Apologies for the delay in getting back to you. 
We're sorry to hear this hasn't done the trick.

As you've already mentioned trying a reinstall, updating your iOS version, and that you're running the latest version of Spotify, can you check:

> Are you using any cache-clearing or force-quitting apps? If so, does disabling these help?
> Do you have 'Low Power Mode' enabled when this happens? If so, it's possible this is interfering with things. 

If those tips don't help, then we'd recommend reaching out to Support.

Rest assured you can do this one of the below ways:





They'll be able to take a closer look backstage for you.


Many thanks,



No idea what your asking me! I’m sorry I’m just a simple person who wants to listen to music and don’t have a clue what you’re asking me. I Didn’t take a study in apps etc.... you have to understand this when you’re asking these kinds of questions....


just give me me the app I’m paying for that works normally 


The only thing I want is to LISTEN TO MUSIC ..

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