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BMW Connected Drive and resuming music

BMW Connected Drive and resuming music

I have an E91 (3 series wagon) with the older CIC iDrive. I am an Android user, but have an iPod Touch in my armrest for using the BMW Apps, Spotify being one of them.


I have some of the issues that I have seen others mention, like slow navigation of playlists, but in general it works well. My favorite way to use it is to use the iPod Touch as a remote speaker and controlling everything from my Android phone's Spotify app.


The one annoying thing I do find about this setup is that if I am listening to a Playlist (started from iDrive) sometimes after the car has been off for a while, the app will resume the last song for a few seconds, but then will start playing a song from my Favorites. It doesn't happen all the time, sometimes it will happen right away (10 minutes after turning th car off when the USB port is still active and the iPod still has power). Sometimes it will happen after a few hours.

If the app just started playing a song from my Favorites list, then I can understand that it is unable to remember what the last song was, but being able to hear a few seconds of the last song, and THEN hearing a new one from the favorites tells me that the app knows what song it was last playing, but suddenly decides it needs to start playing something else.

Not sure if this is iDrive or the Spotify app, and I'm pretty sure I'm in a very low percentage of users that have a dedicated iOS device on CIC that have noticed this problem (if not the only one). The CIC platform has been pretty much abandoned by BMW, since the latest update came out in 2014 and still references iOS 6, so I'm not holding my breath for a solution.

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