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BMW Connected / MINI Connected works with SPOTIFY!!!!

BMW Connected / MINI Connected works with SPOTIFY!!!!

Ok you guys snuck something big into this update!!! I just connected the spotify app to MINI connected in my car!


How come a big deal wasn't made about this? Did I miss the announcement? Is this beta?

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I've noticed that the music quality using the BMW Connected app is not as good as it is just using the Spotify app through the USB cable. Is there an explanation for this? 



Same here. Since 2.2.0 album cover no longer works with the BMW apps integration (2014 X5).

are you using 2.2.0 from the AppStore or the beta version available through TestFlight ?

I'm using from testFlight (I have access to Spotify beta) and album covers actually work fine in my 2014 X5..

I'm not in the beta tester group yet but the official version from the store already is and that's what I installed. And cover art on iDrive is just blank. Worked before without problems (but before the app had problems with cover art in general when using in offline mode, some titles were just not showing cover art - not even on the iPhone).

wrt what @perrydb wrote - "I've noticed that the music quality using the BMW Connected app is not as good as it is just using the Spotify app through the USB cable. Is there an explanation for this?"


That one is not a Spotify problem, per se.  It has to do with the BMW ConnectedDrive integration.  I've noticed the same behavior in the Amazon and Pandora integrations, too.

I had written that my controls always lock up inside the Spotify app on iDrive - apparently this is all magically cured by using iOS 8 devices.  I tested with my iPhone 6 (iOS 8.0.2) and everything works as expected.  With my old iPhone 4 (iOS 7.1.1) the controls lock up frequently and calls don't even interrupt the music stream.


I dunno, I realize iOS 8 is the "here and now" but it sure would be nice to get some iOS 7 love since it's still supported by Apple on some of their devices.

Loving the fact I can finally use spotify in my BMW!


BUT I have now lost album art with the latest update! And I'd still love the album names and artwork with Bluetooth too?? Dezer works fine, so it can work!

Likewise album art not working on my iPhone 6 plus anymore!

I have the same problem, so after that it connects, but the response from the interface is not working propertly, because it takes a big delay for change song move around spotify etc...


It must be repair ASAP.


Thanks for all

Totaly agree!! So extremly annoying! Makes it kind of useless actually.

But it is BMW Connected App that sucks.

Seems like everyone is suffering from the same problems. Please can the Spotify team correct this issue? And while you're at that, can you guys repair the Bluetooth tracktitle/artist issue as well. Thank you.

Just be clear, it seems there are 3 issues with BMW and MINI with iOS Spotify.

1.Last update stops artwork from being displayed on iDrive display.

2.When playing via Bluetooth to car, only the first track artwork and track details are displayed. These remain on screen even when skipping tracks.

3.People would like an option to turn off the BMW app function when plugging the phone in via Bluetooth. This would allow the phone to be used without the default BMW / Spotify screen. I suspect this is a function of the BMW system and not fixable, as all other apps require the phone to be plugged in to the USB and the phone not locked, and the display shows the apps fixed display.

Being able to use Bluetooth instead of the BMW Apps connectivity through USB would be very nice. The problem right now is that when a BT connection is established, Spotify stops playing after a couple of seconds and the default iPhone Music content starts playing.

Sometimes it even works that Spotify keeps playing the music, but then - as already mentioned by other users - the track/album info is not being updated.


Where I have the same issue with Deezer, I've also tested Napster (which also provides BMW Apps integration). Napster seems to be working as expected. When using it via Bluetooth it never stops playing and never falls back to the iPhone Music content and it always updates track info and album cover when the next track starts or a track is being skipped manually.


The iPhone natively supports it (AVRCP 1.4 and probably even 1.5) as the native iPhone Music app does it very well, even search through BT is working. And it seems to be supported with 3rd party apps as Napster demonstrates it.


Would be highly appreciated if the Spotify app would provide the same experience in terms of BT connectivity besides getting the current BMW Apps problem with album cover fixed.

Fully agree with you guys, and these in car streaming issues with bluetooth or BMW app should be seriously taken into consideration by Spotify, as it seems to become one of the most important thread in this support forum concerning iOS app..

I've found that the latest version works pretty well. Album art displays on the phone and screen for both streamed and downloaded tracks and the track details update.

Sometimes I've found i have to reboot the iPhone before it is recognised as a Connected Drive capable device, but this is true for the BMW app too, so it's probably either a bug in iOS or the iDrive software.

What car? (Poster above)

I'm in a F20 2014 using NBT system (Pro Navigation)

2013 (October build) F06 with Pro Nav.

Think the non displaying of the album artwork is related to the latest iOS update (8.1.2) and not the Spotify update!

My wife's phone works fine with the latest spotify and she hasn't updated iOS!

RichardP7 have you updated iOS?

Yes I'm running 8.1.2 on an iPhone 5s

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