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BMW Connected / MINI Connected works with SPOTIFY!!!!

BMW Connected / MINI Connected works with SPOTIFY!!!!

Ok you guys snuck something big into this update!!! I just connected the spotify app to MINI connected in my car!


How come a big deal wasn't made about this? Did I miss the announcement? Is this beta?

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Hello guys,


i just tried to play my spotify offline-playlists with Mini Connected (Mini Cooper D // R56) and it did not work.


iPhone 6 with iOS 8.1.2:

- Mini Connected (App-Version: 2.7.1 , AppKit: 1.2.4)

- Spotify (App-Version:


My car does show the spotify interface on the navigation screen, i have access to all my playlist and controls but i cannot hear any music throuh the speakers. Even if i turned up the volume to the max, still no sound.

Can you please help me with my issue?


Sorry for my bad english.


First step, ALWAYS update your apps AND iOS... you know there is a iOS 8.3 now, right?

Update your iPhone!

Stitch72 - Check if you have EQ enabled, if so, disable it. 

Currently getting an error when plugging my iPhone 6 into the USB, just after updating to 3.0.0 this morning.




Also i have been having some recurring issues with static noise during playback, regardless how i'm playing from Spotify through the car speakers. I don't have issues when playing music using Deezer or iTunes though. My car is a 2014 Mini Cooper S F56 using Mini Connected. Anybody else experiencing anything similar? My dealer don't know what to do about it.


Yes, I get the same error in my Cooper S F56..... I am so sick of Spotify I can cry! They just disregard us!!!! Why integrate and app if it does not work????

@MrDanne wrote:
First step, ALWAYS update your apps AND iOS... you know there is a iOS 8.3 now, right?

Update your iPhone!

I was waiting for some of the bug reports related to 8.3 to be resolved. After updating, still getting the static.


Also, I made sure the EQ in Spotify was turned off.


I just don't get it. I can play iTunes music and Pandora off the phone without any sound quality issues, but not Spotify. Don't have any clue what they have donw differently. Sigh.


Same issue here. 

Also on my iPhone Spotify is broken since updating to release 3.0

How can I revert to the old release?


I want Spotify back in my car....








Same here massive error dialogue box looks like a certificate is invalid or similar. Wonder if they will fix this or ignore it like the 6 plus album art thing!


Same here, Spotify is now useless I the car, great update!

I'm also getting the same error message. The latest update broke the app integration. I've contacted their support via twitter and I'm waiting for an answer. I'll hope them to fix this very soon.

Hey everyone, thanks for reporting this error message. We've got the right folks on the case and we've created an 'Ongoing Issue' post here to keep you all updated.


We will lock this thread and continue the discussion in the Ongoing Issues board. Thanks folks!

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