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BMW Connected / MINI Connected works with SPOTIFY!!!!

BMW Connected / MINI Connected works with SPOTIFY!!!!

Ok you guys snuck something big into this update!!! I just connected the spotify app to MINI connected in my car!


How come a big deal wasn't made about this? Did I miss the announcement? Is this beta?

112 Replies

Also noticed this tonight with my Beemer! Great!

Just tested tonight : yes it works when using BMW connected apps.. BUT !
I'm currently a user of Deezer (similar to Spotify, and I'm paying for it), it also has full support of BMW connected app (for a long time already). But most of the time, I'm simply using it in Bluetooth mode (without any cable or phone dock, I have both of them) because it is easier to use when listening to music for a short trip. In fact, when using BMW connected, you have to unlock your phone, open your music app, connect it to the vehicle (usb cable or phone cradle), and then you can't use it anymore (yeah I know we should not use a phone while driving, but I still want to use it when parked right ?). It also takes time to load (sometimes the app is not detected or you have to click it again in I drive to load). On the hand, with Bluetooth, you have nothing to do : as soon as you get in your car, it resumes the last music app used and start playing the songs you were listening to. Of course you don't have full control of the app (only next/previous), but this is already enough when I'm having short trip (don't want to plug / unplug my phone when I'm driving for 5minutes..).

So deezer has a correct Bluetooth support (it shows correct album art, song name, etc. when clicking next), but this is still incorrect on spotify.. Why did they do the job half ??

Spotify : please make this app fully compatible in Bluetooth mode, having correct album art and music name, and you'll get a new paying user (I tested both services, and I prefer spotify for the way the radio and music discovering works, but I stay on deezer because I mostly use it in my BMW)

Right, I fully agreed with you. With Bluetooth, there are so many problems. Album art and name of song update! It should be fixed!

Fully agreed bk, a great addition. It is a bit slow responding, but that said it is great to see. It is very similar to the Amazon app for mini as well. It is very nice to be able to control your music, (by which I mean change artist) without having to pick up your phone/player to do so. Also be to able to use Spotify from the same area as you would i-tunes, (cd/media) is very nice; not having to go all the way over to mini connected for that is great. Very nice and kudos spotify. Now if I could just get my streaming issues fixed, I would be thrilled.

Great step forward, indeed! 

But can you, please, straighten that logo? 🙂


I hate this new update. I cannot use other apps if I want to hear Spotify in my car. I normally use waze for traffic and I like to sometime glimpse my maps. Now If I change apps music stops. I like having more controls in my car for Spotify but I prefer having control of my phone. 

Logo looks bad and sometimes album cover does not load. 

Please fix. 



hello adrianlat, 

What you are describing is unfortunately how all BMW apps works : they have to be in foreground (and screen not locked) in order to work. It means if you switch to Waze or anything else, it will stop playing. There is nothing Spotify can do, unless BMW update this behavior on BMW iDrive side. Maybe this also related to the APIs provided by Apple and used by BMW connected apps.


Your problem is actually why i'm asking Spotify to fix bluetooth streaming (ther is a problem with album art/song/artist/album names as they are not updated), because then you no longer use the interface on your idrive system (and thus you can only control Spotify on your iPhone directly), but you can switch apps and continue to play music..

Yeah... that's what I thought, this new version has ruined Spotify in my car :(, by the way, I am having the following error. Spotify Mini Error.PNG

The Spotify BMW interface is OK for a first go, but there's rom for improvement!


A few ideas for enhancements and bugs that I've noticed :


Search capability of 'Your Music' (at least) is conspicuous by it's absence.  Why not allow full alphabetical search just as you can on the iPhone?  If you have a large USB storage device you can search that from iDrive, so the argument that it's not safe to use search can not be applied to one and not the other.


The Spotify source name does not always show in the 'Info' section top right, it's often just blank but sometimes shows 'Spotify'. It seems to display if you select one of the options other than your current music collection, but I've not tied it down to exactly what determines if it's shown or not.


Track numbers don't show, mind you they don't show on the iPhone either - why not?!


The Play Queue is not displayed, even in the Cluster or Head Up Display, there is just the option to show the Next/Previous track but you don't know what it is.


The Track and Artist names are displayed, together with the Album artwork, but not the Album name.


When listing things like 'New Releases' you get the album artwork and Album, but no Artist name.


So, in summary, reasonable effort for the first cut, but can you fix the bugs and improve the functionality please!

Hello. I'm a Spotify user who likes bluetooth streaming on ther car.


When I'm using Spotify on BMW cars connected by bluetooth, the first album art & name of song are fixed on the screen.

It doesn't change after first song is played. Also on 2nd, 3rd, 4th.... song playing, the first song of album art & name are just on the screen. It's a bug. Some other music application fixed that bug.


Please fix this bug on next version!



I do agree with that request. 


As I mentionned in the other thread concerning BMW connected app compatibility, Spotify should fully support Bluetooth streaming, with correct album art & track/artist name. 


Please fix it and I'll upgrade to a Premium account (I'm currently using Deezer premium, just because it works correctly over BT).


Need that feature fixed in next release pls!

I m having the same issue too, pls fix album art and artist/ song name in bt streaming !

Having the exact same problem, just downloaded spotify version where spotify says it they work now with BMW connectDrive, but still no album art in the bmw display, only first time!
Please make it work Spotify.

Same here, newest Software (iOS and a BMW 5 (F11). First track infos are there but stay, even if the music changes.

also tested in the new beta version (2.1.0) and bug is still there.. 😕


The thing is, in my BMW 1 artist and title change perfectly. Cover is not available but it works.
So maybe its a BMW software problem.

Which audio option do you have in your BMW Serie 1 ? Which model year the car is ?

I already checked several times on BMW update for my BMW X5 F15 (MY2014), and no new update adressing a potential bluetooth bug.. 

This would be really strange if it works fine a Serie1 but not in others BMW models, maybe the bluetooth profile (a2dp, etc.) used is not the same ? 

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