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BMW Connected / MINI Connected works with SPOTIFY!!!!

BMW Connected / MINI Connected works with SPOTIFY!!!!

Ok you guys snuck something big into this update!!! I just connected the spotify app to MINI connected in my car!


How come a big deal wasn't made about this? Did I miss the announcement? Is this beta?

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Connected Using usb with mini adapter cable with apples 30 pin to lighting connector ^^^^^^^^

Are there plans for Android support? I found a cnet article that says: "Spotify integration for BMW supports both free and subscription accounts. ConnectedDrive integration is currently only available for iOS. Burgner said BMW was working on Android development."

Source >


If thats true, any idea when this could be available?


I tried it with iPhone 6 and latest generation idrive (NBT with latest update) and it worked great. Would love to be able to use it on Android phones...

Was suprised too to finde spotify displayed on the idrive all the sudden. But the excitement faded...

I am experiencing unresponsiveness and delays too.

I agree width most users that there is room for improvements. But the unresponsivness is the main issue for me. It makes the iDrive integration useless.

By the time I am finally hearing my desired song, out of my beforhand prepared playlist, I have to get out of the car. Or more likely, I switch over to napster or tunein because they work fine.

Using iPhone 5s iOS 8.1.2, newest Spotify version, BMW with option 6NR (2011, CIC) also newest SW versions installed, snap-in adapter

Can it bee, that both user with older BMW hardware (CIC) like me and newest BMW hardware (NBT) are having unresponsiveness problems?

Spotify please fix this issue! I have been waiting for e long time for iDrive integration. Stil looking forward to it 🙂

user7628262: I don't know about CIC and iPhone 5S, but I tested this with iPhone 4 and iPhone 6 using NBT. When I was using iPhone 4, it worked OK for about 10 minutes and then it got unresponsive, I had to disconnect the phone to get it working again. But with iPhone 6 it worked great, never had any problems. It was fast and responsive.

Works for me as well .. The only issue I have is album art does not display..I'm using an iPhone 6 plus with IOS 8.1.2 and the latest version of spotify Mini Connected in car on 1006.bin. If this is not fixed in the next month I'm going to cancel my subscription and go wit Rhapsody it displays album art correctly.

@Overclock321 wrote:
Works for me as well .. The only issue I have is album art does not display..I'm using an iPhone 6 plus with IOS 8.1.2 and the latest version of spotify Mini Connected in car on 1006.bin. If this is not fixed in the next month I'm going to cancel my subscription and go wit Rhapsody it displays album art correctly.

Have you checked for updates on


Album art worked for me with NBT. I have the latest (December) update applied. Based on your bin version I assume you have CIC?

I've just update the cable with this update software:

So this start to work so fast and much better... is not perfect but it's possible to navigate in all spotify app.

Now i feel i have the control, you must not stress to much couse it has a delay but you have much better user experience...


I tryed with a mini anda an Iphone 5s with the last ios version.


Now i think it must be part of spotify...


I'll try next days Deezer and evaluate what will be my mobile app in the future...


So we've had iOS 8.1.3 and a new spotify update today, I've installed but not been out in the car yet to see if album art works. Anyone tried it?

Nope still doesn't work. The coverart still doesn't show. 😞

You know, there are different combos that work it seems. I have iphone 6, iOS 8.1.2, and cover art with Bluetooth steaming now works - and not just the first track. All tracks.

I also have iOS 7.1 on iPhone 4 and that combination works.

Both phones ALSO update art and song in usb mode.

I don't know what it is that fixed it, but I recently upgraded my BMW phone and media firmware. I have a 2015 M235i...

Hi everyone, first post!


Okay so I've got the following setup:


1. iPhone 6 with latest version - 8.1.3

2. Spotify app (latest version) connect using the USB cable

3. Latest version of iDrive with the latest update


Spotify works fine either BT or USB, but I also have the delayed changing of album art. Always works okay but is just slow to change.


My BIG GRIPE and issue is the lack of functionality when listening to an album or playlist. If I want to scroll the songs in the album or playlist that is playing I have to find it again which is pretty stupid.


The functionality already exists in iDrive when using external media or the internal HD to view the current album so why haven't Spotify done the same, it's really irritating!!???


Anyone know if this is going to be addressed??



The Mini Connected feature has caused me to stop listening in my car.


It doesn't work well. It's slow, it's klunky, it takes FOREVER for any input made to take effect. It has some serious lag issues - like a full 5 minutes to just fnd one song or album to play before I leave for work. (first world problems, I know). So much so that I don't connect my phone any more.


Please add the ability to turn this feature off. I don't want it to connect to my car. I can't use other apps if it's connected, like oh, maps or something.


It's a million times faster & easier to use the app inteface & not the car interface.


Just give me a disable switch. I'd be happy.

I have a BMW F10. Since the latest update of Spotify the album art and track details show as -- intermittently.

Is this a known problem...?? Is there a fix to it...?? It's driving my OCD mental.

Also what doesn't it show how many tracks I have in my library...?? This shows up as 0, however I have over 1500 songs in my library.

Final Q... When I click into my library none of the tracks are in any sort of order. How do I get these in an alphabetical order...??


Exactly my thoughts. Initially I was excited about Spotify integration, but now I take it back.

Please please add a disable switch as mentioned above.

If you're going to have stupid integration I will not want to use it. I basically want to plug my phone in to charge from USB, stream spotify over Bluetooth in phone background WHILST using Google maps with voice directions.

Call me old fashioned -o-o- but it works that way for me.

Another spotify update and still no album art on 6 plus 😞

This is really approaching MADNESS!!!!!

I emailed support to chase up my support ticket, and they told me to check
my ios for updates and the application for updates and then let them know
which albums this problem affects..... 😞

I give up, i've explained this issue multiple times and each time I get
fobbed off with an irrelevant reply.

I actually wonder if they know about this issue if its so difficult to get
past first line support and contact someone who can investigate it.

Yes, I can cannot believe that they overlook this problem. Surely they check this forum? It cannot be the BMW app as all the other services work with it. My iPhone 6 also worked no problem.


I have found a work around, but its unstable. If you start spotify on the phone and plug it in, it sometimes shows album art, but if you forward a track using iDrive it kicks the iPhone of USB....!




I've got iPhone 5S, iOS 8.2, and connected in my MINI Cooper Countryman with the media cable.


Everything works on the navigation screen, it's just really slow. I think it waits until all images are loaded before it will accept user input.


Worse than that, though, is the sound quality. Pandora and iTunes tracks loaded on my phone sound perfectly fine through my speakers, but I get frequent static and distortion when playing Spotify.

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